Quality, flexibility, reliability and a personal relationship with customers define the company’s approach.

By using high-quality materials and computer-controlled technology, the products produced by EBEV meet the highest quality requirements. Our modern enterprise resource management system allows us to constantly monitor our inventory and production processes. As a result, the entire transaction from the customer’s order to final delivery can be completed quickly and reliably. A high level of flexibility makes it possible to implement customer requests quickly.

Qualified specialists in the fields of business, construction and production provide professional support for customers. As a result of EBEV´s many years of experience, customized or complicated solutions can be implemented reliably.

We contact users around the world several times each year, and EBEV employees make personal visits to each of our customers’ operational sites. Experiences are exchanged during these visits, which helps in the optimization of all EBEV products and emphasizes their proven quality in daily use.


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Our company history and milestones

The Edewechter Baumaschinen- und Ersatzteil-Vertriebs-GmbH company, referred to below as E.B.E.V. for short, was founded in 1981 by Mr. Otto Wiechmann and Mr. Heinz Westphal. Production and distribution of Spare and Wear Parts for road construction machines was started in a small leased hall with an adjacent office building. For production, the company first acquired the most important machines, of which several are still in operation.


Company founded

After the company made a name for itself and demand was constantly growing, more employees were hired in the commercial area.

since 1985

Development of a permanent staff of employees

On December 30, 1995, Mr. Wiechmann left his position as a shareholder of the E.B.E.V. company. Since this point in time, Mr. Westphal has been the sole executive shareholder.


Changes in executive management

In order to fulfill the most demanding technical requirements, the first CNC processing center was acquired in 1996.


Deployment of the most modern technology

As a result of the constant expansion of the machine park and the number of personnel, the initial available space rapidly became too small. After we moved to a new office in the same premises, we finally started to plan an entirely new building in 1999. It was started on a neighboring parcel of real estate acquired by the E.B.E.V. company itself, and was ready for use by the end of the year 2000.

It includes a large production hall, a warehouse with modern high-rack system and a two-story office.

until 2001

Operational expansions and new areas of activity

The space in the new hall rapidly became too small as a result of constant growth. An additional hall was developed in the year 2004. Wear plates are prepared for additional processing here. In addition, the hall provides sufficient space for repair and assembly work.


Additional construction projects

In October of 2006, the E.B.E.V. company was able to proudly celebrate its 25th anniversary.



Because of internal restructuring measures the company EBEV GmbH & Co. KG will take over the complete operative company business of Edewechter Baumaschinen- und Ersatzteil-Vertriebs-GmbH on march 1, 2010.


Restructuring measures - New company name

In 2011, the company was proud to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of its existence. Furthermore, a new hall was built which is connected to the rest of the building complex via a canopy. The additional space offered by this hall will be used for metalwork, repairs and assembly work whilst simultaneously serving as an extra storage area. The approximately forty employees working here will have plenty of space, as will the large machinery facility, which currently contains more than 10 CNC processing centres in addition to many manual machines.

While the focus continues to lie on the production of spare and wear parts for road paving equipment, various CNC-based assignments are expanding the medium-sized company’s range. The working and processing of HARDOX wear plates has developed into one of EBEV’s main strengths. The thermal storage silos developed and successfully sold by EBEV in the mid-1990s are still able to be constructed according to the specific requirements of the customer. The field of impact protection has been home to an entirely new product line since 2001, and the company has been granted a patent for it. In 2005, a “mini crane” was brought onto the market and sold as another of the company’s speciality products.


Anniversary and expansion of operations

October 2016 marked the company’s 35th anniversary. Earlier that year, in January, a new annex to the production hall, which is connected to the existing building complex, was taken into operation. With foresight, the foundation of this annex was built to support a rolling/bending machine, which was acquired to further expand the range of EBEV’s sheet metal forming capabilities.

This new machine facilitates rolling even wear-resistant sheet metals. Moreover, the new annex provides additional space for CNC machining. Grinding and milling machines that had been purchased in the meantime substantially expand this particular area of operation. Previously, a separate part of the production hall was set up with measuring and test equipment for Quality Assurance – the top priority at EBEV. The company now employs a staff of around 50 persons in various departments.

to 2017

35th anniversary and expansion of operations